Monday, January 12, 2015

Pros and Cons of Living on Campus

By living on campus, college students can change their learning experience affectedly. How can you find out what works best for you? Spend a small number of moments to work out your requirements. Try to figure out what remains the most significant factor in your educational accomplishment up to now.

Then, with the following information, you may better decide what is more appropriate for you according to your specific goals and objectives. Living on campus is a delightful prospect, as well as an enriched experience for college students. Your college or university’s residence hall may serve more than your home.
college campus life

Living on campus render students with a sense of rapid educational growth, friendship, community, management prospects, outside-the-classroom education, and entertainment.

Our hope is that life on campus offers an experience that you will look back, and recognize how much you have learned, and developed both educationally and communally. Taken all things into considerations, living on campus offers both advantages and disadvantages to students. Following are a few pros and cons helping you decide to live or not to live on campus during your studies.


•           Living on campus renders a robust sense of community to students.
•           Living on campus makes it easier to be connected with other students.
•           Students are always physically nearer to their college or university.
•           Living on campus requires students to have less commute and traveling.
•           It comes easy to access learning facilities on a campus around the clock.


•           Lodging, housing and food costs are higher in campus.
•           Only students continuously surround you, giving you a sense of social isolation sometimes.
•           Hostel-bound students start feeling that they can never escape. This is can be also referred as homesickness.
•           Students have to share their bathroom with others.
•           A roommate often lives with you in the same space.

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